I am a family portrait photographer as well as an international wedding photographer, and would love to set foot on every continent! Even Antarctica is on the list. The travel bug bit me hard when I was young, and visiting new places around the world is one of my favorite things to do.

Trying new foods, seeing incredible parts of history, and meeting amazing people are all a part of the intoxicating experience. The food in Germany is one of my favorites. Surfing and zip lining in Costa Rica are a must! Listening to the birds and creatures of the rain forest in Australia is one of the most wonderful sounds. Visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam was one of the most moving and somber places I've visited. Studying abroad in Spain with my brother was a significant cultural experience that helped shape my love for other cultures and make me wish to travel the world! I am very close to my family, and am so blessed to have been able to share many of my adventures with loved ones. I cannot wait until my daughter is old enough to enjoy them with me as well!

Have you been somewhere amazing that you would love to share with me? Let's grab a cup of coffee and I'd like to hear your stories! I'm always looking for more places to put on my list of must sees.